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Retrofitting aging truck fleets can reduce collisions

Georgia is home to one of the largest trucking hubs in the United States. Hundreds of big rigs jockey for space with passenger vehicles on I-20 and I-85 daily. Due to the difference in size and weight between semis and cars, if you are in a collision with a commercial truck, the results are frequently catastrophic. We often represent clients injured in accidents with tractor-trailer trucks as a result of negligent drivers or trucking companies.

According to Consumer Reports, advanced safety technologies such as automatic emergency braking and forward-collision warning systems in passenger help reduce crashes. Unfortunately, the majority of big rigs do not have such features.

Aging fleets

Many of the commercial trucks on the road today are more than a decade old. Although companies can add advanced driver aids such as those you have in your car to these older vehicles, less than 20% of trucks have them. Retrofitting with blind-spot and lane-departure warnings can alert drivers and help drivers detect hazards.

Resistant driver organizations

While motorists often complain that truckers drive aggressively, that is not the whole story. Passenger vehicles often cut in front of the truck or tailgate. In either instance, the driver may be unable to react fast enough to avoid a collision. Professional truck drivers generally feel that they can control their vehicles if those around them pay more attention to their surroundings.

Unfortunately, big rig drivers are as susceptible to distractions as anyone else behind the wheel. Eating, texting and changing the music is common, regardless of the vehicle. The addition of safety features can reduce the number of crashes resulting from negligence. If a big rig collides with you while the driver’s attention is not on the road, the consequences may be devastating.

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