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How can we develop a fair visitation schedule?

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Family Law

During a divorce, children need to become the center of attention. You and your spouse have many choices in the matter, but your children do not. It is important that you respect the fact they need a healthy and continuing relationship with both of you even if you two no longer have a relationship with each other. 

To ensure your children do not suffer from your decisions, you must take time to develop a visitation schedule that allows them to continue to have a meaningful relationship with both of you. The best way to do that, according to Parents, is joint custody. To keep things fair, there are a couple of tips to keep in mind. 

Make sure it works 

When creating a schedule, you have to make sure it is practical. While you may want the children to spend equal time at both homes, that may not be logical if one of you works far more than the other. You need to make sure that logistically, you can get the children back and forth as well. When you take a practical approach, it will help to avoid disappointments and cancellations in the future. 

Be open to customization 

While courts will often offer suggestions about schedules, you should open yourself up to a customized schedule. Maybe it will change every week or you will be flexible and allow your children to have more say in how things go. Do what works best for your family and be willing to stray from a set in stone type schedule to one that will allow you the freedom to accommodate everyone’s needs. 

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