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Can your personality change after a brain injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Personal Injury

Georgia drivers like you may suffer from injuries after getting into a crash. Some of those injuries might stick with you longer than others. For example, recovering from a head injury is a lengthy and difficult process.

It is important to know what a brain injury can affect, too. You may not realize that you can suffer from more than just mental and physical side effects. Your behavior and personality can end up impacted, too.

Temperamental changes after a TBI

The Mayo Clinic looks at traumatic brain injuries and their impact on your personality and behavior. This can happen depending on the area of the brain that suffers from damage. For example, the frontal lobe controls impulses and helps you think before acting. When damaged, you have a higher chance of making rash decisions that you normally would not.

This also affects your temper and temperament. Even if you were not the sort of person to have angry outbursts before the accident, this may change. This is often an unsettling and unpleasant surprise for your loved ones. It is often difficult for you to cope with, too.

Stressors continue to impact personality

The increased stress of seeing these changes in yourself make it harder for you to calm down and adapt. Another side effect of a brain injury is the inability to cope or handle stressful situations. This can lead to you feeling easily overwhelmed. You may act out in these scenarios or shut down and become incapable of reacting to anything at all.

Through therapy and other methods, you may reclaim the abilities you lost due to the brain injury. But the road to recovery is often long and expensive, leading to people like you pursuing damages.

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