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How do falls affect workers in different industries?

Georgia workers like you deserve a safe place to do your job. This is why workplace rules and regulations are in place, too. Unfortunately, these regulations are not perfect and some things can fall through the cracks. 

Such may be the case when it comes to fall incidents and injuries. These incidents cause great hardship in the lives of workers in many different industries. 

The spread of fall statistics across industries

The National Safety Council looks at data related to fall injuries that happen on the clock. In 2016 alone, 48,060 people suffered from extensive injuries in falls to the point that they had to take time off work to recover. 697 workers died in falls. 

Some industries have more accidents than others. Some have a higher rate of fatalities despite lower accident numbers. For example, government has the most amount of fall injuries with 63,350 people suffering from them. However, construction has the highest number of fatalities at 384 victims. 

Education and health services has the lowest number of deaths at 18 victims. Wholesale trade has the lowest number of falls in general, with 10,250 workers suffering from fall injuries on the job. 

Potential causes of fall incidents

Unfortunately, no matter what industry you work in, the cause of falls often remains the same. They are often the result of avoidable mistakes or choices. Some of the most common reasons for falls include: 

  • Feeling rushed by an employer 
  • Old or broken equipment not getting replaced  
  • A lack of emphasis on safety training 
  • Very little safety gear or equipment 
  • The industry prioritization of speed over safety 

Many of these problems could get addressed, leading to less falls. Until then, if you got injured in a fall incident, you may want to contact an attorney to learn more about your workers’ compensation options. 

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