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What are the most common causes of truck accidents?

In many situations, drivers of smaller vehicles are especially at risk for injuries after an accident involving a truck.

From focusing on distractions to improperly passing another vehicle, commercial truck drivers can be the cause of many crashes.


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, these collisions can occur because of hurried and impatient truck drivers. Due to rushed deliveries or tight schedules, they may cut corners on safety procedures in order to save time while on the road. Breaking the speed limit or disregarding stop signs are just some ways this happens.

Disregarding safety measures

When a truck driver merges into a new lane or brakes with little to no warning, others around them typically do not have enough time to react. You may even need to instinctively veer off the road in order to avoid a collision.

Lack of attention to road safety, including a truck driver interrupting the flow of traffic in order to overtake a car, can lead to deadly accidents. Shifting cargo can throw off the weight of the truck and increase the likelihood of a crash if the driver is not careful.

Driving while distracted

Distractions are another common problem for truck drivers, especially at night or during lengthy rides. Even taking your eyes off the road to change the radio may reduce a driver’s reaction time. Some truckers even mistakenly use their cell phone or attempt to look down to read messages.

Lack of sleep also plays a large role in many accidents, since long hours and endless stretches of highway roads can cause truck drivers to drift off.

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