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How to identify the signs of road rage

Anger can cause people to lose their focus, control and judgment, which is why a driver with road rage could directly endanger your life. The Insurance Information Institute reports that, over the course of five years, 56% of deadly car crashes involved aggressive driving behaviors, per data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Road rage is not rare, either. Approximately 80% of Americans confess that they have felt enraged while driving at some point within the last year. You may lower the risk of being in a catastrophic car accident by learning the hazardous driving behaviors of aggressive motorists and what to do when you see them.

What are dangerous driving behaviors?

Drivers with road rage often display the following hazardous driving behaviors:

  • Failing to yield to traffic signals, traffic signs, pedestrian crosswalks or other drivers’ right of way
  • Speeding or racing other vehicles
  • Following too close or tailgating
  • Changing lanes erratically
  • Blocking or cutting off other drivers
  • Making improper turns

Aggressive drivers may yell expletives or display inappropriate hand gestures as well. In some cases, angry motorists may exit their vehicles to start a physical altercation with another driver.

What should you do?

While you may feel prompted to fire back at aggressive drivers by exchanging words, blocking them or attempting to stop their hazardous behavior, law enforcement officers encourage drivers to avoid interacting with enraged drivers at all. Instead, call law enforcement and let them know the details of the situation. Officers can then take care of the problem while minimizing conflict and risk of physical harm to others.

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