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Atlanta rollover kills one, injures another

The issue of exactly what responsibility a driver has to the passengers in their vehicle is often a complicated one. Most in Georgia may agree that a driver is responsible for ensuring that any children or minors they transport remain safe. Yet many may argue the responsibility should not extend to adult passengers, who have the judgment and maturity necessary to comprehend the risks that a driver’s actions may create. 

Yet regardless of the age of their passengers, drivers are still expected to avoid any blatantly reckless or negligent actions that create unnecessary risks. Even in instances where suspicion exists that a passenger may have been complicit in those risks, those impacted by any subsequent incidences that may occur may still assign liability to the driver. 

Driver flips stolen vehicle in Atlanta

The family of a woman recently killed in a single-car accident may face the potential of making such a decision. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the woman died after the vehicle carrying her flipped and hit a utility pole. Another passenger in the vehicle also sustained serious injuries in the collision. Authorities say that a local hotel reported the vehicle involved in the collision stolen. When they attempted to stop the vehicle, the driver sped away. Reports state that law enforcement was not pursuing the vehicle when the driver lost control and flipped it. Witnesses say that the driver fled the scene before authorities arrived. 

Arguing a liability case in conjunction with criminal proceedings

Reports did not specify whether the passengers of the vehicle knew of the theft. Yet regardless of their knowledge, those impacted by their injuries (or deaths) may still need to seek compensation for their expenses. Civil action can occur alongside a criminal case. Those looking to pursue such action may want to ensure consistent access to reliable legal resources. 

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