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What are the duties of a driver who causes injury?

If another driver collides with your vehicle and inflicts injury on you, the other driver has certain obligations under Georgia law. The person cannot just drive away and leave the accident scene. In the event a driver commits a hit and run that injures you, the driver could serve prison time for as long as five years.

State law is clear about what a driver must do if involved in an accident that injures another person. These actions are important as they may save your life or the life of another injury victim.

Provide information

Assuming you are conscious and are able to converse, the driver who hit you must stop at the scene and provide you with information, including his or her name, address and the registration number of the other driver’s vehicle. You may also request to see the driver’s license of the other driver. This information lets you know who has hit you and can help you seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company.

Render reasonable aid

In the event you have a serious injury, the other driver must provide you with what the law calls reasonable assistance. If you require medical aid but cannot get to a hospital or other medical provider, it is up to the other driver to arrange for transportation to come and take you to treatment.

If your injuries are serious enough to render you unconscious, your situation will depend even more urgently on what the other driver does. Under state law, if you cannot communicate with another person to ask for help, the other driver must make reasonable efforts to contact law enforcement and paramedics to come help you. The driver cannot leave until fulfilling all requirements under law to assist you.

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