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Fiery freeway collision in Bulloch County kills young family

It may be easy for people in Georgia to feel intimidated by the large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers they encounter on the state’s roads and highways. Some solace like comes, however, from the assumption that those driving them are highly skilled and trained in the safe operation of these massive vehicles.

Yet while truck drivers due undergo specialized training before getting behind the wheel, they may be subject to the same challenges that any motorist faces, such as distractions and fatigue. The trouble is that due to the size of their vehicles, any truck accidents caused by these challenges often produce massive consequences.

Rear-end collision on I-15 produces fatal fire

One can clearly see this in a recent case that occurred on I-15 in Bulloch County. Per reports from WTOC.com, during a period of slowed traffic on the freeway due to a police shooting, a semi-truck rear-ended a passenger vehicle, pushing it into several other vehicles (including another semi) and causing it to catch fire. Sadly, the family inside that vehicle died in the fire. Law enforcement authorities are still attempting to determine what caused the truck driver to lose control of their vehicle in the first place.

Compensation following a devastating collision

Even in cases such as this (where it may prove difficult to assign any malicious intent on the part of the driver that caused the collision), accident victims (or those they leave behind) may need compensation to deal with the losses they sustain. In cases where those losses result from the reckless action of an individual truck driver, liability may lie with them alone. Yet one might also extend it to the company a driver works for if the collision occurred while executing the duties of their employment.

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