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Who (other than a truck driver) could cause a commercial crash?

When a commercial truck is responsible for a crash, people tend to just assume the professional driver is at fault. 

Although crash statistics provided by federal regulatory agencies show commercial drivers cause about 87% of collisions where the big truck is at fault, that still leaves 13% of crashes attributed to other factors. If the truck driver isn’t the one who is to blame for the crash, then who is?

Their employer could be responsible

Some commercial trucking companies have inappropriate or even illegal policies regarding how their employees do their job. Others just don’t properly maintain their vehicles. Bad work policies can contribute to the 3% of crashes due to environmental factors by making drivers feel like they have to stay on the road in terrible weather or maintain the highest possible speed in all traffic conditions. 

Issues with commercial trucks are responsible for about 10% of all collisions. If a crash results because of negligent maintenance on a commercial vehicle, the company that owns and maintains the vehicle could be responsible for the injuries and property damage that result.

The client who hired the trucker could be at fault

As strange as it may seem at first, companies that hire professional drivers sometimes cause crashes. Improper loading of materials into a semi-truck can cause a driver to lose control or make a vehicle flip over unexpectedly. 

Considering the nature of the crash and the likely factors that contribute to it can help you determine who is ultimately responsible for the property damage and injuries you suffered in a commercial vehicle wreck.

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