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Can you get workers’ compensation for cumulative trauma?

When someone gets hurt by a piece of machinery or falls on the job, their injuries are obvious. There will be witnesses who see them get hurt, and it won’t be hard for the worker to show that their injury is a result of their employment. 

After a documented incident leading to injury, workers will usually be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, including disability and medical coverage ones. However, not all workplace injuries happen all at once. 

Many workers slowly develop cumulative trauma because of their job. Cumulative trauma refers to the damage done to your body by repetitive strain or doing the same thing over and over again. Also known as repetitive stress injuries, the damage caused by cumulative trauma can leave workers unable to continue performing their current job. Will these kinds of injuries also qualify for workers’ compensation?

Workers can seek coverage for any job-related conditions

You don’t need to have the time and date of an accident on the job to get workers’ compensation benefits. You just need a diagnosis with the condition that is a direct result of your employment. Repetitive stress injuries that result from cumulative trauma can make workers eligible for benefits. 

You may get healthcare benefits that will cover the cost of any treatment you require, such as surgery or physical therapy. You will also likely be able to receive disability benefits if you need to take a leave of absence or can never return to the same line of work again. 

Understanding how workers’ compensation functions will help you make a successful claim if you need benefits.


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