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Do Not Face Your Divorce Alone

Our legal team understands how challenging and stressful divorce can be — both during and after the process. If you are ending your marriage, it is important to protect the financial security to which you are entitled and to protect the best interests of your children, as well as maintain your relationship with them.

Our lead attorney, Margaret Gettle Washburn, has practiced law for over 35 years. We have the experience it takes to get our clients the results they need. Call our firm today to discuss your divorce and family law needs at 770-637-8695.

Located in Lawrenceville, Margaret Gettle Washburn, P.C., handles family law cases throughout Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas. Our attorneys and paralegals have extensive experience in all aspects of divorce, including:

What Is Separate Maintenance?

Some people who would like to separate from their spouse do not necessarily want a divorce. Religious reasons, Social Security issues, health insurance and other factors may lead people to seek separate maintenance instead. We understand these concerns.

Georgia law permits filing separate maintenance agreements, which address many of the same issues as a divorce decree. Whatever your reason for pursuing this alternative, our family law attorneys are prepared to help you understand your options and protect your interests.

We Can Handle Your Case Inside A Courtroom Or Out

While our team of trial lawyers is adept at litigating complicated family law cases, we are also talented in pretrial negotiations and in devising settlements that protect our clients’ interests.

We are proud to offer our clients effective and efficient strategies, regardless of net worth. Our clients have included business owners, homemakers, athletes, executives, doctors, students, government employees and clergy, among many others.

As your legal team, we will help you obtain your divorce or separate maintenance agreement according to your unique circumstances.

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