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Navigating The Difficulties Of A High-Asset Divorce

Divorcing couples who own real estate, a business or other complex assets can face a difficult legal separation. Understanding how to divide these possessions and negotiating the asset division is a challenge for even the most collaborative divorce. Because of this complexity, it is highly recommended that you have a knowledgeable high-asset divorce attorney who can protect your finances and future.

At Margaret Gettle Washburn, P.C., we help people across Atlanta with their high-asset divorce filings. You can speak with one of our family law attorneys in a consultation at our Lawrence office. Contact our office now by calling us at 770-637-8695 to schedule your first meeting.

Helping Clients Find Asset Division Solutions

Georgia is an equitable division state, which means that marital assets must be split equitably between the two spouses. This equitable division does not always mean a 50/50 split of assets and marital debts and other financial obligations are also split between the separation couple. Additionally, only marital property will be divided in a divorce. Generally, marital property includes assets that were obtained during the marriage of the marriage, excluding assets that were precluded by a prenuptial agreement or as part of an inheritance.

Our lawyers work closely with divorcing clients to understand their unique financial situation and goals for the divorce. We will thoroughly account for every marital asset, including investment and retirement accounts so that we can get your full share of assets. Our team will aggressively negotiate on your behalf and represent your interests in family court.

Dividing Complicated Assets

Some assets, like a stake in a business, are not easily divisible in a divorce. Our attorneys have decades of family law experience and have helped clients find profitable arrangements with their ex-spouses to divide these assets favorably. We will handle negotiations and set you up for long-term success.

We have helped clients divide many types of complex assets, including:

  • Business shares and franchises
  • Stock options and investment accounts
  • Pension, 401k and retirement accounts
  • Investment properties and multiple homes
  • Cash, savings and bank accounts
  • Motor vehicles, including cars, boats and recreational vehicles

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You can talk to one of our experienced attorneys at our law firm in a consultation. Call us now at 770-637-8695 or send us an email to schedule your consultation.

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